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  • PRS Private Stock Ted McCarty Singlecut, hand signed by Paul Reed Smith. 2014.
  • PRS Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield 25th Anniversary Scarlet Smokeburst. 2010.
  • Ovation Custom Legend 1669 black with built-in Roland GK-2 kit, 1985.
  • Ovation Custom Legend 1769 sunburst, 1992
  • Ovation Custom Legend 1119-4 w/RMC piezo-midi saddless, Poly Drive II preamp and buil-in mic. 1975.
  • Ovation Custom Legend 1619, tobacco sunburst, 1981.
  • Ovation Custom Legend 1658 vintage 12-string, 1979.
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue Special Edition 50th Anniversary DaPra Bourbon Fade w/WIZZ Pickups. 2009.
  • Abraham Wechter Florentine 9303C w/RMC piezo-midi saddless and built-in mic custom made for Roman Miroshnichenko. 2007.
  • Jeronimo Perez custom made RM signature flamenco guitar w/RMC piezo-midi saddless, Poly Drive II preamp and built-in mic. 2014.

Processors, preamps

Computer Setup

  • iMac 27''/Studio One 2/Amplitube3
  • PC/Cubase
  • Roland Quad-Capture
  • iPad/Amplitube + iRig Stomp + iKlip


  • Orange Bax Bangeetar Pre-EQ/Boost/Drive
  • Orange Two Stroke
  • Fulltone OCD
  • TC Electronic Sentry
  • TC Electronic DITTO X2
  • Xotic SP Compressor
  • Boss FS-6 dual foot switch
  • XVive V6 Phaser King
  • Dunlop Cry Baby JH-1 Jimi Hendrix
  • Zoom MS50-G
  • Orange FS-1 foot switch

Amplifiers, cabinets