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The live presentations of the new album Perfect Strangers will take place on the November, 18th in Kaluga House of Music and on the November, 19th in Moscow River Club.

This is a pretty straightforward concept, similar to the Three Tenors. Take three virtuosos of the acoustic guitar and turn them loose on some long instrumental compositions. The one thing I wanted to hear was if three distinct guitarists playing together could have the clarity of a duo. But it appears that these three virtuosos go it alone on separate tracks. Basically, if you are a talented finger style guitarist, you already sound like two guitarists and when you play vibrant music, such as these players do, there is plenty going on. Thankfully, none of it is muddled, so instead of worrying about technicalities, it is easier to set back and let these guys work there fingers out with lightning moves and slower moves containing great expression. There are flamenco inspired bits along with a melodic folk approach that achieves quick and attractive long themes. It is all technically accomplished, but has a very direct approach that is not for the eclectic crowd. It is more for the many guitar aficionados.  /David Hintz/


This year "World Of Guitar" festival recieved a special award of the President of Russia in the field of culture and art!  This festival is by far the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world.



«The World of Guitar» festival is a real holiday for lovers of guitar music , without which it is difficult now to imagine the musical life of Russia. - says Roman. - Almost immediately it turned into one of the brightest musical events world-wide renowned. I am very proud to be a part of festival's team for many years and I respect our longtime friendship and cooperation with the festival producer Oleg Akimov.»


Very first performance of the orchestral version of "The Crying Machine". This arrangement was created during collaboration of Steve Vai, Maxim Miroshnichenko and Roman.


Three finest acoustic guitarists in contemporary instrumental jazz-fusion field in Europe: Henrik Andersen (Denmark), Jose Antonio Rodriguez (Spain) and Roman Miroshnichenko (Russia) returns with joint album, Perfect Strangers, released on August 10th through worldwide distribution at CD Baby/iTunes. An excellent collaborative effort contains 6 original compositions - two from each member of Trio. Perfect Strangers was produced and recorded by Roman, Jose and Henrik and mixed/mastered by Berklee College of Music graduate Jordi Cristau at Groove Studio in Figueres, Spain.

Perfect Strangers will become a favorite of music fans that enjoyed the legendary Guitar Trio – John Mclaughlin, Paco De Lucia and Al Di Meola but recast from an edgier and even more different perspective. Perfect Strangers is poised to further push the boundary of contemporary acoustic fusion guitar, as fans of jazz, flamenco and progressive-rock are fast becoming a significant new audience in world fusion.

Roman Miroshnichenko: - "This May we came together for a very first time as a cohesive team and did an excellent live shows! I guess this fact explains our joint album’s name (Perfect Strangers). After one of our TV-performances we said that we're gonna be recording June and July. Then we worked very hard to leave an impression on fans of guitar music and we'll be very glad if they’ll be impressed!"

Critics, trio member’s fans and musical heroes alike ranging from All About Jazz to the godfather of fusion Larry Coryell have lauded a very new project. Throughout incredible album material, the trio demonstrated their fantastic instrumental skills and sending the listener off on a musical journey around the globe their rich knowledge of jazz, flamenco, Latin, Indian and Mediterranean rhythms leave you wanting more. It is this fast-growing group of admirers that forms the core fan base of World Of Guitar Trio. They want magic in live performance, they want magic in great songs and they want Perfect Strangers.


Watch the video-review by Roman Miroshnichenko about acoustic guitar processor Zoom A3:

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