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On September, 20, 2005 in "Russia" concert hall in Moscow will be presentation of the musical program "Yerevan -Moscow-Transit" in support of the same release of CD. Among participants - A.Bujnov, L.Agutin, V.Presnjakov, A.Stotskaja, N.Babkina, S.Pavliashvili, I.Kobzon, J.Nachalova, Araksia, Shtar and many others. Guitar tracks to the most of CD tmaterial were recorded by Roman Miroshnichenko.


On 29th August on a popular Russian telechannel "Ren-TV" display of a new teleserial "Tourists" was started. In some compositions of a soundtrack of film Roman Miroshnichenko's guitar sounds.


On August, 19th direct translation of performance Bril Brothers(with Roman Miroshnichenko's participation) will take place on radio " Culture "


On July, 29 and 30 with the big success have passed concerts Roman Miroshnichenko Project in Lithuanian towns Palanga and Nida.


On 8th of July was a concert of Al Di Meola and Leonid Agutin in Moscow's casino "Pharaon" . At the end of evening legendary guitarist Al Di Meola invited to stage Roman Miroshnichenko and they played composition "Spain" by Chick Corea.

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