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Today RMProject returned from Lithuanian fall-tour. All shows were sold out.


On 21th May, at the "Blue Bird Jazz Club ", Roman has performed with Michael Tarasov - Berklee College graduate and winner of the prestigious "Composition of music for cinema" Award by Pit Carpenter, BMI Foundation.


26.04 in Moscows Gostiny Dvor Hall has taken place the show of collection of clothes and accessories of the known fashion designer Elena Teplitskaya in frameworks « Fashion Weeks in Moscow », autumn-winter 2006/2007 season. The show was accompanied by Roman Miroshnichenko and his band featuring a special guest from Germany, saxophonist Yan Heinke.


17/12 Roman taked part in TV-Programm on new TV Channel "Russia Today" Channel about well-known Russian guitar-master Valery Svistunov.


On December, 15 in interior "Mebeland " has presented unique art - show PHILOSOPHY of COLOR in which have taken part the head of studio " Тeplitskaya Design ", the constant participant of Week of a fashion in Moscow, Elena Teplitskaya and French artist Arthur Yang. Under accompaniment of group of Roman Miroshnichenko with saxophonist from Germany Jan Heinke and with the help of game of juicy, cheerful paints on a cloth they created the real product of new art not yet familiar to the Moscow public.

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