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3rd anniversary of a site was on May, 16! And today has started completely updated Roman Miroshnichenko's  official website! Welcome! Special thanks to Alexey Martynov for everything and to Nadezhda Konodyuk for creative design!


On May, 24 MEBELEND company presented evening " Gold dreams of Florence ". For architects and designers the owner of factory SAVIO FIRMINO Gvido Savio has lead the masterclass. Further known fashion designer Elena Teplitskaja has presented unusual duo - Roman Miroshnichenko and Yan Heinke(Germany) which has designed and created musical instruments from steel with unique sounding perfectly combined with an acoustic guitar.


On 24-th of April Roman Miroshnichenko has taken part in record of a soundtrack to new film " Russian Game " by Paul Chuhraj. Music to film is written by known composer Jury Poteenko.


On 2nd April, 9:00PM. Roman Miroshnichenko - the guest at popular radiostation JAZZ 89.1 FM. Interviewer - known Russian jazz singer Victoria Pier-Mari.


Last week, once again, with the big success has passed a series of joint performances RMProject with Saskia Laroo(Netherlands) and Warren Bird(USA). Pics in Gallery...

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