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Roman Miroshnichenko got the guitar Wechter Florentine 9303C  from the known master from Michigan (USA) Abe Wechter. As "prototype" of this model was guitar made by the master in 80th for legendary John Mclaughlin. Watch video!


A piece of  "Live in Jazz Town'07" Roman Miroshnichenko's new DVD planned to be released in October 2007!

Watch video!


Already available at the CDBaby!

"The infinity" - the 2nd instrumental solo album of Roman Miroshnichenko is a collection of ten original compositions containing a number of extraordinary melodic and rhythmic ideas based upon modern tunes as well as the tunes rooted in the folk music of Europe, Africa and The East. "Infinity" can be wonderful gift for an admirer of world music and jazz as well as a connoisseur of really nice instrumental music.


31.07.07 Roman Miroshnichenko - the guest of "Art Club" TV show, 18:30, and 05.08.07 at the "Persons" TV show, 21:30. "Stolitsa Plus" TV channel.


3rd anniversary of a site was on May, 16! And today has started completely updated Roman Miroshnichenko's  official website! Welcome! Special thanks to Alexey Martynov for everything and to Nadezhda Konodyuk for creative design!

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