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                                             Watch tv-interview with Roman Miroshnichenko:



An exlusive interview with Roman Miroshnichenko in Guitars Magazine !

Also check the review on Quasipsychedelic CD in German magazine "FolkWorld"!

"The guitar stands out, but the overall atmosphere is fresh, modern and lively. It is almost fully instrumental and creates a nice atmosphere for fans of pyrotechnic guitar playing as well as creative intellectual music." - David Hintz


On December, 25th, 2011! Roman Miroshnichenko and Daniel Kramer duo with the chamber orchestra at Pavel Slobodkin Center!


                                          TV-report about concert on Sakhalin:



Roman just made newest photosession in cooperation with talented Russian photographer Dmitry Fedotov. Rock your desktop with the new Roman Miroshnichenko wallpaper!

Download zip with 10 posters.


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