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All Stars Band featuring Dominique DiPiazza, Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla and Roman Miroshnichenko on mini-tour Russia! 20th May - Omsk Philharmonic, 22th May - World of Guitar Festival in Kaluga, 23th May - Belgorod Philharmonic Hall.

"I am very proud tand exited to come in Russia and play with the "All stars band"! It is a great honor for me to be a part of this project and play with such great musicians. I am sure our collaboration will be fruitful and a delight for the audiences!" - says Dominique DiPiazza.

"I'm pretty happy to make this tour, because three diferent cultures get together to make music for the first time. And that's the magic of jazz music! Roman is an extraordinaire guitar player!! And i saw Dominique with John Mclaughlin live when i was a tennager and he blow me away. It's nice the fact that we gonna play some of mygranfather songs . For me its one of the great composer of 20 century." - says Daniel Piazzolla


Roman Miroshnichenko became an official endorser of the leading world company on production of musical instruments of Roland Corporation Japan! Roman will constantly use on a scene and in studio the Roland/BOSS gear, among which novelties: a guitar synthesizer of Roland GR-55 and the guitar BOSS GT-100 processor.

«I think, isn't present in the world of the guitarist which doesn't use in the arsenal at least one pedal of effects or the guitar processor of the Roland company, - Roman Miroshnichenko says. - I personally can't present, as it is possible to be on the stage without the equipment of a legendary brand which personifies reliability and the highest quality, and helps to find own sound to young musicians, and for professionals - to embody the creative ideas!»



Al Di Meola calling Roman his disciple in interview for Culture radio:



The novel "Eleventh" by Russian writer Dmitry Miropolsky is out. There are mentioned problems of a modern society and show business. A number of stories of the protagonist stated in the book, are based on the real events which have occurred during the different periods of a creative life of Roman Miroshnichenko.



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