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Last week, on 2nd October, in Moscow, at the International House of Music, a very special concert took place. One of the most prominent in Eastern Europe, virtuoso guitarist, Roman Miroshnichenko, celebrated his 20th year anniversary of devotion to his creative career. Joining Roman in his celebration were his RM Project Band and special guests, the legendary American guitarist Larry Coryell, called the "Godfather of Fusion" by Down Beat Magazine, and Russian jazz pianist Daniel Kramer. Also there to congratulate Roman was his father, conductor and saxophone/clarinet player, Maxim Miroshnichenko from Ukraine. Mr. Miroshnichenko joined his son Roman on stage, along with Larry Coryell, Daniel Kramer, and Roman's band to play Duke Ellington's "Caravan".

During the concert the audience was treated to the brilliant sounds of improvisations on compositions of Astor Piazzolla, Chick Corea, Roman Miroshnichenko and Larry Coryell. One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation by the duo of Larry Coryell and Roman Miroshnichenko, of "River Crossing". This composition, by Larry Coryell, is part of an opera he is writing based on the Leo Tolstoy novel, "War and Peace", that describes an episode of the Russian-French war of 1812. The day before Roman's 20th anniversary jubilee concert, Larry Coryell and Roman Miroshnichenko performed live, on-air at the Mayak radio station - one of the largest and most recognizable radio stations in the territory of the former USSR. The performance was such a huge success, based on the numerous requests from the listening audience, that the duet lasted for 2 hours, instead of the allotted 45 minutes.


Performance in duo with Larry Coryell at Mayak Radio:


 Listen to or whatch video-version of interview and live performance at Radio Mayak:


"Temptation" and "Unforgiven" tracks from Roman's album "Temptation" in rotation of Italian "Radio Punto Stereo".


All Stars Band featuring Dominique DiPiazza, Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla and Roman Miroshnichenko on mini-tour Russia! 20th May - Omsk Philharmonic, 22th May - World of Guitar Festival in Kaluga, 23th May - Belgorod Philharmonic Hall.

"I am very proud tand exited to come in Russia and play with the "All stars band"! It is a great honor for me to be a part of this project and play with such great musicians. I am sure our collaboration will be fruitful and a delight for the audiences!" - says Dominique DiPiazza.

"I'm pretty happy to make this tour, because three diferent cultures get together to make music for the first time. And that's the magic of jazz music! Roman is an extraordinaire guitar player!! And i saw Dominique with John Mclaughlin live when i was a tennager and he blow me away. It's nice the fact that we gonna play some of mygranfather songs . For me its one of the great composer of 20 century." - says Daniel Piazzolla

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